NE Medical Solutions (NEMS) was established in February of 2010. It was developed from  2 pre-existing companies that separated the medical billing clients from the transcription clients. We felt that we could best serve our clients by merging the 2 companies and “cleaning house”. NEMS is a medical billing and transcription company specializing in practice management, claims processing and transcription.  All of the staff of NEMS is professional, experienced and always HIPAA compliant. All work is guaranteed to be performed in the United States. We offer 24/7 access to your data and turn around times set by the client. NEMS offers a vast array of services customizing and personalizing each project for every client. 

Nicole Torres:

Nicole is an owner and managing partner of NEMS and has a strong background with over 20 years experience in the medical insurance field and computer technology. Mrs. Torres has worked on both sides of insurance claims giving her a clear advantage when reviewing reports or assisting in getting difficult claims paid. In 2000 she joined the team at ELC Medical Claims and quickly became supervisor to all medical billers. In 2010 Mrs. Torres was invited to become an equal partner with Ms. Fischer in NE Medical Solutions. She gladly accepted and has hit the ground running. Together with Elaine and the amazing staff she also believes they can accomplish anything. 

Elaine Fischer:

Elaine is an owner and managing partner of NEMS and has a strong background with over 25 years experience in medical billing, transcription and computer technology. Ms. Fischer was an original owner of ELC Medical Claims as well as owner of Next Generation Transcription that assisted in forming NE Medical Solutions. Approximately 90% of the clients chose to make the transition with Ms. Fischer rather than go with the other partner from the previous companies. She is pleased with this new venture and is extremely excited to welcome Nicole Torres as a co-owner and managing partner. Together with Nicole and the amazing staff she believes they can accomplish anything.