Q: Where is NE Medical Solutions (NEMS) located?
A: We have offices in New York and Florida but serve the entire US!

Q: Is your company HIPAA compliant?
A: Yes.

Q: Is my data protected?
A: Yes, backups are completed daily both on and off premises.

Q: How do we communicate with your office?
A: Via email, telephone, cell phone, google drive, fax or text.

Q: What hours does NEMS operate?
A: 24/7/365 and our knowledgeable office staff is available Mon-Fri 9-5pm EST.

Q: Can patients contact NEMS directly?
A: Yes.

Q: Are claims submitted electronically?
A: Yes. Primary and secondary claims are submitted to all companies accepting electronic submission.

Q: How does NEMS receive superbills?
A: You can send superbill as often as you like via email or fax.

Q: How does NEMS track reimbursements?
A: You can choose for NEMS to receive your EOBs and we will emai copies monthly. We will even deposit your checks if your bank has a branch within a reasonable distance from our office. Or if you choose to receive EOBS and patient checks you can send us a copy via email or fax at least once weekly.

Q: Our office receives direct deposit is that ok?
A: Yes that is great! This is the most efficient way to receive reimbursement.

Q: Do you follow-up with outstanding or partially paid insurance claims?
A: Yes. That is one of the main reason providers hire an outside billing company like NEMS.

Q: How does NEMS handle follow-up?
A: We track claims through our practice management software's aging reports, by EOBs received and provider inquiries.

Q: Is there a start up fee?
A: No.

Q: Is a contracted required?
A: Yes we have a contract but either party can terminate the contract at any time with written notice. The contract is in place so that NEMS has the authority, as per HIPAA, to handle patient information.

Q: I am happy with all your answers and I can't wait to get started with NE Medical Solutions (NEMS). What is the next step?
Call or email NE Medical Solutions and we will begin the start up process today.